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Vpn Service

Note – “ This Post Contains affiliate links. For more Information, visit our Disclosure page

Before we talk about PureVPN , Firstly we have to know about What is VPN ?

About VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more.

These days VPNs are really popular, but not for the reasons they were originally created. They originally were just a way to connect business networks together securely over the internet or allow you to access a business network from home.

VPNs essentially forward all your network traffic to the network, which is where the benefits – like accessing local network resources remotely and bypassing Internet censorship – all come from. Most operating systems have integrated VPN support.

How to hide your IP address

Your IP address is attached to every move you make on the internet. It is the internet address of your computer, phone, and other connected devices. It can reveal your location, download and browsing history, and even online comments. Use PureVPN to hide your IP and safeguard your privacy.


Stay anonymous online

When someone gets hold of your IP address, they can determine a lot of information about you – mainly, your country and your city.

Many countries around the world mandate internet service providers (ISPs) to keep records of your online activities. When your IP is masked, it is extremely difficult for your ISP or the government to monitor what you do on the internet. They won’t know what you do online, and the ISP won’t have any data to transfer or sell to advertisers and marketers.


Bypass surveillance and censorship

Government censorship usually relies on IP checking. This is how they can censor websites and not allow you to see the content they don’t want you to see. They can also use your IP to monitor your online activity, such as comments. 

With your IP masked, they won’t be able to do it. Moreover, hiding your IP is an excellent way to bypass the internet filters your employer or school uses. Mask your IP and browse freely.


Access geo-restricted content

Some streaming services show different content in different countries. That means that some paying customers are getting less access than others. 

Streaming platforms use geo-blocking to limit their services to individual countries. Hide your IP, and the app won’t know where you actually are. Connect to a VPN server in your desired country and get access to the best libraries the streaming apps can offer.


Protect your online activity

Criminals are out to get you online as well. Use a VPN to hide your IP, and you’ll also protect your data from being intercepted and stolen. 

Copyright trolls are companies that look for proof that you downloaded something you shouldn’t have. They use that information to get an out-of-court settlement more generous than a court case. A VPN can stop them. What’s more, PureVPN will prevent ads and malware from following you around online.


A VPN is the best way to mask your IP

VPNs mask your IP address, so it’s impossible to link it to your online activity via IP detection. It hides your actual IP address by replacing it with the IP of the VPN server you chose. You can quickly change your location and have unrestricted and fast access to any website by simply changing the server.


Spoofing your IP with a proxy isn’t enough

A common way to fake your IP is using proxy servers. Their quality can vary, from having adequate security to being downright dangerous. Some of them keep logs, offer outdated or no encryption, and collect your personal information. Proxies also lack the additional features that come naturally with VPNs.


Incognito mode can’t hide your IP

Incognito or private mode doesn’t change your IP at all – it simply doesn’t record your browsing history on your device. Your Internet Service Provider can still access it, and you’re still using the internet with your original IP address. At best, you’re only keeping your browsing hidden from other people who use your computer.


Would a DNS changer work?

A DNS changer can’t help you hide your IP. They work on different principles than VPNs. The Domain Name System is what your computer pings to turn the human-readable website addresses into IP addresses. Hiding your DNS simply prevents the website or service you’re connecting to from checking what country you’re connecting from.


Why PureVPN?

Because PureVPN operates a self-managed VPN constellation of 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. Because They provide instant access to your favorite content. Because they empower you to access everything on the internet, download securely, and remain protected all the while. But mostly because, They value your trust!

#1 Iron-Clad Security of Your Online Avatar


#2 To Keep Your Online Privacy Intact


#3 To Get Complete Internet Freedom


Here’s How PureVPN Works

After connecting to PureVPN, your data is encrypted and securely passed through a series of tunnels that lead to our servers. You are not only completely anonymized but completely protected at all times!

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