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By Gagan Gera

Removing Audio Background noise is a very difficult task . And

Recording clear Audio is a bigger challenge , especially in noisy environments…

But we will tell you the perfect ways with which you will be able to remove background noise while recording or after Recording.

For Outdoor Recording

If you record Audio outside, then first you have to pay attention to which mic you are using. You should try the best brand mic so that audio can be recorded clearly while recording. We would recommend you these two brands which are Boya and Rode. These are considered to be very good brands in audio equipment. This is for those who don’t want to compromise with Audio Quality and want to give their Audience a best Audio.

But if you are a beginner and do not want to spend too much money to buy a mic, then you can also record from a cheap mic which is easily available at the pricing $2$4 ( Rs.100-250 ). This will not give such a clear recording, but after recording the audio, You can remove as many Background noises with the help of Audacity software.

Note – ” While starting the recording, keep in mind that first record the noise around you for 1 to 5 seconds and after that start speaking.”

How to Reduce Background Noise with Audacity ?

  • Select your Nearby tone or silent section from your audio

Drag your mouse over an area with no (or little) audio.

  • Select Noise Reduction

Under the Effect menu select Noise Reduction

  • Get your Noise Profile

Click “Get Noise Profile” and the box will disappear.

  • Select your entire audio clip

Select all of the audio that you want that background noise removed. Go to ‘Select’ and then click ‘All.’

  • Repeat noise reduction

Go to the Effect menu and select

  • Listen to your clip

Make sure your clip doesn’t sound muffled.

For Indoor Recording

If you are recording in a room or in a studio, then you have to keep in mind that the doors of the room is closed properly so that outside noise don’t come inside. But if the noise still comes in, then after recording it, you can reduce the background noise with the help of Audacity Software. ( Audacity Tutorial is in Outdoor Section )

Mic plays an Important Role ! Choose Suitable Mic for you

The most important thing to ask yourself when choosing a Mic is how you plan to use it. Will you be using it in front of Dslr or in front of Mobile Phone ? Is it intended for home-studio recording? Or are you looking for something that can perform well in either situation?

For Direct Recording to PC / Screen Recording

If you record your voice directly on a PC or laptop, then you can use Krisp software. The special thing of this software is that whatever noise is in the background, it automatically removes it while recording. So you don’t need to remove background noise after recording.

You can also use any Cheap Mic or even Earphone with PC OR Laptop to record Audio because Krisp has the Power to give strength to that Audio and to remove Unusual Noise. Even its Fan Air , Baby Cry , Horn sounds & any Irritating noise.

How Krisp Works ?

After Installing this App, Krisp’s icon will be shown on the right side of the taskbar. Simply Click it and here it comes like this.

When this App appears. Turn on the Remove Noise option.

And you are ready to Record your Crystal Clear Voice

We hope you have liked this article and with the help of this you will have benefited.

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